Ryan Stanfa


Awakened Potential: Professional Energy Healing With Ryan

I read and balance your Energy centers through setting your intentions and voice toning.

Potential Benefits: 

  1. Help you to see life as a true gift by releasing blocks in your subconscious;
  2. Let go of bad patterns and habits you want to get rid of through subconscious reprogramming;
  3. Help you achieve your dreams and goals;
  4. Improve relationships and communication;
  5. Release attachment to anxiety and learn how to use it to your advantage;
  6. Improvement with intuition healing abilities, manifestation and more!

I read and balance your energy centers through setting intentions and voice toning.


Each one of us has the potential to be anything that we want to be! 

Some of us just don't realize how, or may even think it;s not possible for them.  Whoever you are, you create your own reality. The sooner you accept this as a fact of life, the sooner you can have power to change your life. Absolutely anyone can make anything they wan t to in this world, regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what anyone else has tried to tell you.  It's all about hat you believe, and the energy you hold, that are the key factors of making the "impossible" possible. Change your beliefs, change your energy change your actions, and  change your life!  "Where you came from brought you here, where you're going is up to you!"

Ryan's Testimonial

 Ryan first started learning about energy and how to apply it in his life when he was 22. At that time, Ryan was over weight, and struggling with loneliness and depression. One day, he decided to do something different, and go to the library. He discovered that he didn't know much about himself beyond liking RPG video games and Dragon Ball Z.  So he decided to check out some books on fighting, and one of them was a book on Tai chi. After reading that everything was energy, and how to move energy, he began to crave what this other side of reality had to offer. Ryan began reading a book called "Playing the Quantum Field" a way to use the "Law of Attraction" among other laws of the universe to affect the world around us. He began to realize that the life he was living, was of his own choosing, and that he could choose to create a different kind of life. Suddenly loneliness became an asset, as no one was around to tell him it wasn't possible, he began to change his life to what he wanted. High Frequency Choices made him crave high frequency foods, and he was finding all the right information and exercises etc., to live a healthy life. After only 2 or 3 months, he had lost 60 pounds and changed his mindset to be able to enjoy an empowered life. 

He continued this lifestyle, and after 2 years discovered Energy Healing and began doing Quantum Touch and Theta Healing (subconscious reprogramming). He also became certified as a qigong teacher. After 2 years of weekly practice Ryan developed a real knack for intuitive healing. Ryan has been doing energy healing as an adjunct practice for 7 years now, and is currently manifesting the clients and circumstances to do energy healing full time.